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With the ever-growing popularity of the Japanese Cuisine all over the world, many visitors to Japan have become eager to try out Japanese Cooking classes as one of the best ways to enjoy the local culture and experience the wonders of Japan's food culture first-hand. Apart from the usual routine of visiting stereotype tourist spots and famous places around Tokyo, another way of getting deeper insights into Japan's fascinating culture is to foster some local camaraderie with people who also share this Japan love. Mimiclaire's Kitchen Studio is born out of this passion to share the love towards Japan's food culture - carefully mixed with some Asian and Filipino food cultural perspectives and approach to cooking and making great food.

It is with this concept of sharing the joys of Japanese cooking from the perspective of a long-time resident and food afficionado, Mimiclaire – or aka Claire Ocampo – herself, that she wishes to open the doors of her own kitchen studio to everyone who wishes to learn not only about making good Japanese  food  but also to those who wish to enjoy good conversation and exchange opinion about what is like being a foodie based in Japan .

This kitchen studio is not only about learning Japanese food and cooking but also about appreciating the local food culture from the perspective of a foreigner whether one is new or already and experienced in terms of preparing and making one. The classes shall provide some important interaction with foreigners who want to appreciate its essence from this unique perspective of a foreigner – being one herself, who has adopted and become fully integrated into the Japanese society with years of practical experiences and wisdom to articulate the good things about this genre. 

The studio wishes to become a platform where both local and international foodies can gather and interact with one another. The classes are aimed to have a balanced mixed makeup of Japanese locals and foreigners as student participants to foster small classroom international interaction with a global mindset. It is hoped that this setup shall provide more meaningful experiences and valuable insights for everyone who will join them. With the lessons to be conducted in English all through-out, local Japanese participants will have the chance to appreciate their own food culture using English and learn a thing or two in expressing themselves and carrying out interaction with the foreigner guests as well.

Lastly, being a proud Filipino with a deep Asian food cultural background, Mimiclaire wishes to integrate and introduce elements of Asian cuisine to her students as they experiment and venture out  trying different food recipes and approaches from different countries. This can be a truly unique experience for one to experience an Asian food fusion exposure while being in Japan and having Japanese cuisine as the main theme of the studio. With this in mind, it is hoped to be an enriching experience for the participants and students to have while enjoying their stay and local tour itineraries here in Japan. This unique classroom approach  is important in imbibing and fostering food tolerance and appreciation from the different food and cultural perspectives out there.

Such local and favorite famous treats like the Filipino Adobo, Spanish Paella, Italian Pasta and French food shall also be offered to give the students a wider perspective and appreciation of different styles and types of food out there – all in the name of celebrating all things good about food.

So now, please hurry up and book your seats and enjoy your stay in Japan in this truly one-of-a-kind and unique approach to local Japanese food tours out there and gather more friends and network while enjoying good food with good people from all over the world!

Welcome to the Mimiclaire's Kitchen Studio!

See you there!


Claire Ocampo

Cooking Instructor

A kitchen geek since she was 8 years old. She hopes to discover and learn at the same time with her students in the class while she shares her own wisdom gained from years of self-experimenting to formally studying baking and cooking until recently and now since childhood. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Tokyo in 2014 with a Patisserie Diploma and will continue to study French cuisine sometime soon again. She also attended one of Japan’s most popular cooking schools, the ABC Cooking Studio in 2015 to learn more about Washoku (Traditional Japanese Cuisine) and Wagashi (Japanese Confectionery).


Justin De Jesus

Food Photographer

He is the genius behind the beautiful photos of Mimiclaire's Kitchen Food Projects. Justin is a food and travel photographer from Manila who recently moved to Japan to explore new opportunities and pursue his longtime dream of living in Japan. Justin continues practice his craft and contribute to different publications both in Manila and Tokyo. You can check out his craft and works here: www.justinjapan.com


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