Wagashi 和菓子

Wagashi are traditional Japanese confectioneries that are often served with tea, especially the types made of mochi and azuki bean paste.

 This course includes:

Seasonal Wagashi 
Preparation and Presentation of Matcha 
Class Materials (no need to bring anything)
 Class Price: ¥ 7,500

Nerikiri (5 pieces)
(a type of wagashi made from a combination of white, red bean paste and a type of soft mochi called gyuhi)
All Year Round 


Ichigo Daifuku (4 pieces)

(mochi with sweet red bean paste and fresh strawberry)
Winter Season: December, January & February 


Sakura Mochi (3 pieces)
(sweet rice cake with red bean paste filling wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf)
Spring Season: March, April & May 


Matcha Roll with Kuri (1 roll, 5 pcs)

(a refreshing green tea sponge cake rolled with matcha-yuzu filling and candied chestnuts)
Summer Season: June, July & August


Kuri Mushi Yokan (1 whole)
(steamed sweet red bean paste with chestnut jelly cake wrapped in a bamboo sheath)
Autumn Season: September, October & November 


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