Sushi 寿司
Learn about the different types of Sushi:
MAKIZUSHI 巻き寿司 or “rolled sushi” is made by wrapping up a variety of ingredients in vinegared rice and nori seaweed. Since makizushi are wrapped in nori, they are also called Norimaki 海苔巻き. Makizushi is rolled in a flexible bamboo mat called Makisu 巻簾.
NIGIRIZUSHI 握り寿司 means "hand-pressed sushi". Typically made of a hand formed rectangle of sushi rice with a swipe of wasabi on top, finished with some type of topping. TEMARI SUSHI 手まり寿司 (also a type of nigirizushi) means thread balls in Japanese. They are cute and colorful small ball-shaped sushi.


 This course includes:
Assortment of Sushi
Gari Ginger and Fresh Wasabi
Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard)
Japanese Clear Soup
Sake (Japanese Rice Wine)
Green Tea
Class Materials (no need to bring anything)
 Class Price: ¥ 7,500



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